Our Solutions

The adoption of web3 points towards a new platform for e-sports - the metaverse.
ESPL Arena and UGT3 are the robust foundations on which the infrastructure for this new platform will be built. This has leveled the playing field for game publishers, enabling studios both large and small to benefit from being able to address the competitive scene of their games. Gamers will also have access to build their reputation and hone their skills in a competitive space.
[Game Publishers] Game Publishers exchange and spend these tokens to acquire new gamers for their games. The tokens will be spent in the Meta Arena as prizes for their tournaments. ESPL Arena will act as an enabler to host C2E tournaments for these new game titles.
[Guilds] Guilds buy and use tokens to acquire new scholars and to promote visibility hence they will use the tokens to pay ESPL Meta Arena for every scholar to sign up or click through the model. ESPL Arena will list these Guilds as partners and provide automated tools for tournaments for gamers to host tournaments.
[Gamers] Gamers buy and use tokens to access the ESPL Arena's premium features. ESPL Meta Arena provides premium features, tournaments, digital items and NFTs available for purchase via tokens. Perhaps the most democratised part of the ecosystem, Gamers also stand to earn $Arena tokens just from playing selected games that use the token for their in-game economy. This allows anyone to be able to participate in the ESPL Arena ecosystem with little to no upfront investment in the form of cryptocurrency.