Incorporating web3 and esports together into one platform comes with several challenges that affect the various parties who participate in the platform and its services.

Game Publishers

Game publishers who are traditionally dependent on the sheer number of gamers playing their games continue to face similar sentiment with Web 3.0, sometimes with added friction either due to difficult onboarding, complicated wallet modals or negative gamer sentiments towards crypto and NFT integration. As such, game publishers need to smoothen the onboarding and integration process as best they can in order to stay competitive and remain relevant through this new transition.
Another challenge faced by game publishers is the friction between them and gaming guilds. While guilds have proven to bootstrap web3 games with a ready gamer population, some guilds may use questionable methods in their procurement of an audience. As such this is a pain point for publishers that can be addressed.


Gamers in web3 space don't just seek enjoyable experiences but also rewarding ones. Often, guilds are the gateway for them to discover games that are proven to be rewarding. However this sometimes comes at the expense of game publishers who may struggle to meet the requirements of both guilds and indiviudual players. The rapid landscape also leads to gamers moving quickly between games and migrating to new ones in search of more rewarding or satisfying experiences.


Guilds are organisations that act as intermediaries between investors, gamers and managers. As a busy convergence point between these parties guilds help to lower the barrier of entry for all of them.
To stay relevant guilds are always on the lookout for innovations in the space and opportunities to get a foothold in the next gaming innovation.
Services offered by guilds include renting digital assets so players can temporarily own an item that could boost their gameplay and tournament organisation to attract competitive gamers. These open revenue opportunities to players who are in Play-to-Earn games to profit from guilds. This system, sometimes called the Scholar system has brought players in droves to the most exciting play-to-earn games, playing a massive role in their successes.